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Online Dating Security Features at iChooseU

Any experience with a dating app always starts with clear user guidelines on what is and isn't appropriate or acceptable behavior while using the technology. These rules of engagement are regularly updated and can be improved through partnerships with companies that have a deep understanding of customer experience (CX), technology, trust, and safety. Dynamic partners can help these companies to develop and implement in-app technology like chatbots and AI-driven content moderation tools to help keep users safe.

These features are intrinsic to an app's security and its perception in the marketplace. Here are some of the best practices in the industry that iChooseU as a new player in the online dating field is adopting.

Profile Verification

One of the best ways to keep users of dating apps safe is to keep bad actors out of online groups in the first place.

On this front, dating app companies are becoming increasingly watchful, screening all profiles, and checking their legitimacy before granting users access to the community. iChooseU uses this gatekeeping strategy to aid in keeping out scammers and other people looking to take advantage of the apps and their users.

However, even with a strong profile verification system, security elements are still required to deal with non-compliant individuals who manage to evade detection. Therefore, it's crucial to provide app users with proactive security tools, such as reporting capabilities.

When a user marks a profile as suspicious or harmful, human content moderators will investigate a profile that a user tags as suspicious or malicious to keep the community secure.

Block and Report

There are two crucial aspects present in iChooseU for those moving from browsing profiles to messaging.

First, users should be able to flag when a message they've received goes against community guidelines, prompting a further investigation by the company behind the app. After the investigation, the support team should provide an update to the user who made the initial report, helping to instill confidence and trust in the platform.

Second, users should be able to bar another user from messaging them to deny them the ability to send unwanted content. Again, consent is key, and that applies to messaging too. In addition to these self-reporting functions, other features are being introduced that use artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent non-compliant behavior and mitigate its effects.

Implementation of Intelligent Tech

To gain confidence enhance security, AI-powered measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of harmful information. The AI system will detect potentially non-compliant or harmful content and prompt the sender to review and confirm before sending.

Additionally, AI technology will protect the privacy of users by preventing private conversations and photos from being captured, saved, and shared. In case of a violation of guidelines, the AI-backed tools will automatically detect and take action to block or blur unwanted images.

These in-app safety features demonstrate our commitment to protecting user trust and fostering positive relationships within the community.

Staying Safe Online and Offline

It's important to remember that for many users, the goal is to go on real, face-to-face dates. That means that the experience must move from being online to offline at some point. Leading brands are taking steps to protect users who transition from online to offline.

iChooseU is not short on advice to its members on how to transition from online to offline dating. It is also actively seeking new technology to protect the security and safety of its users as they use the website.

Some include emergency assistance features that may be used as a panic button. However, at the end of the day, dating apps' priority is the safety and security of their users to earn their trust.