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How It Works

Welcome to iChooseU,

The home of modern daters like you, looking for a mutually beneficial relationship where you do not follow conventional dating rules. Both of you have your own lives to lead and set terms based on your connection.

Here, there is no stress of commitment, and both partners can be straightforward with their expectations.

This is the new age of dating, where people find it easy to establish mutually beneficial connections.

Connect and choose freely to create plans for your desires.

iChooseU is dating that allows you to connect with other users and meet with them.

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Point On the homepage, click on the Sign-Up button.
Point You should see the Sign-Up form. Here, you are prompted to add a little bit of information about yourself. Items you must enter:
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Point Once you have completed setting up the account, click on the Sign Up Now button.
Point You now have the account. Log In using your account credentials.
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Do What You Love
Point Once you find a profile match, connect with them through messaging, chat, and video calls. Meet up and enjoy yourself without worrying about compromising on your likes.
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Better Features
Advance Privacy Advance Privacy
Profile Boost Profile Boost
Exclusive profile matching to Alluring Members Exclusive profile matching to Alluring Members
Unlimited Messaging / Video Unlimited Messaging / Video
Advance Search Filters Advance Search Filters
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It's time to level up your online dating experience!
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